How Enneagram Types Impact What You Observe in Your Self (And Others)

 Do people you love drive you crazy because they don't see your concerns?  Maybe your husband sees a messy house when it is not a big deal for you. Perhaps you are trying to help by washing the dishes, and your mother keeps complaining about how you do it.

You see and experience the world in your way.  Each of us sees different things depending on our personalities and our levels of awareness. It can help you to learn how enneagram types impact what you observe

Your Enneagram type will give you insight into what you are more likely to notice and what you are less likely to see.

The Enneagram is this amazing psychological-spiritual tool that provides you with an inner map to help you become self-aware.  It shows you ways to get healthier. 

Your goal is to become as healthy as you can in your type.  The healthier you become, the stronger you grow in all nine types.

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Join me on a journey to discover more about how each of us experiences our selves and the world around us:


Type One: The Reformer

If you identify with type one, you have a hunger to make something in the world better. It could be your family, community, country or world.

 You inwardly know there are better ways to resolve the problems in the world.  However, you can be very hard on yourself always worrying if you are doing the right thing in the right way. When you are hard on yourself, you can be hard on everyone else in your life.

What are you likely to notice?  At type one, you will see all the ways the world can be better.  You are a details person. You will be sensitive to anything not being done right in your eyes. 

You are more likely to be unaware of your goodness and the efforts of people around you.  You may have a hard time being open to different ideas because you fear they may not be good enough.

 You may see messes and disasters where there are none.  You may not be open to help because you have a hard time trusting anyone else.  You think you can always do it better.

The type one personality will do his or her part to make the world a better place by doing things in the best way possible.

Type Two: The Helper

If you identify with type two, you have a strong desire to care for others. When you are at your best, you have the gift of knowing what others need.  You desire to bring out the best in others while caring for yourself.

You can see the good in all people.  You can see the value in giving of yourself to help others through rough times.  

What are you likely to notice?  You are sensitive and can feel the emotions of the people you meet which help you to care for those you love.  

At your best, you stay self-aware in yourself and still are there for those you love. Caring for and supporting others feeds your soul.  You offer this without any expectations.  You make a difference in many people’s lives.

You are more likely to be unaware of your own needs when you are under stress.  You will forget that you need to rest, eat well, exercise and take time off. You become unaware that you are pushing people away by your neediness to be loved.  

The type two personality will do her or his best to bring love and compassion to the world.


Type Three: The Achiever

If you identify with type three, you have a strong desire to make a difference in the world through your energy, creativity, smarts and determination.  

You desire to succeed and be the best at whatever you do.  Not only do you need to achieve but you need those around you to notice your hard work.

As you get stressed out, you begin to fear that you are not successful.  As you get caught in this fear, you are tempted to change your behaviour to whatever you think will make you successful. Sadly, the more you do this the more you abandon your true self.

What are you likely to notice?  At your best, you are more likely to see opportunities for you to share your gifts.

 You will notice the gifts of each person in your life and know how you can mentor them. You will be able to see significant opportunities for you and your family, business and community.

At your worst, you are likely to notice anyone who is not helping you to be successful.  You are annoyed by people not living up to your standards

The type three personality will do his or her best to encourage friends, family and colleagues to do their best and make amazing things happen in the world.

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Type Four: The Individualist

If you identify with type four, you have the gift of creativity. You know how to bring beauty into the world.

You have a big heart and love to connect from this deep place.  You use your creativity to help people connect with the mystery of life.

At your best, you enjoy being yourself. You do not need to try and be like others. You can celebrate the uniqueness you bring to the world.  Being authentic is always important to you, and you model this to others.

What are you likely to notice?  At your best, you are likely to notice beauty everywhere you go. You will see it in places that most people can not.  You will be able to look at a room and know how to make it into something beautiful and unique.

You will be aware of your emotions while not getting stuck in them. You can connect with people from a sincere heart to heart basis.   You feel the joy and pain of the people around you. 

At your worse, you are less likely to notice how you are impacting the people around you.  You can get so caught up in your self you can’t see beyond you.

The type four personality will help people in the world to discover beauty in all aspects of their lives, express creativity and learn from the heart.


Type Five: The Investigator

If you identify with type five, you have a hunger to learn. You are curious. You want to make sense of the world. You like to learn about things that catch your curiosity in detail.

You are a great observer. You won’t miss much going on around you unless you are back in your imaginary world.

Having integrity is vital to you. You don't like being pressured into decisions when you do not feel comfortable with them. You want to get everything right you say.  You don't like looking stupid to friends, family and colleagues.

What are you likely to notice?  At your best, you are likely to feel the energy of people in a room.  You are likely to notice the power dynamics in family, community and business decisions.

You are always way to share your knowledge in a way that will benefit the world.

Under stress, you will not be aware of the many times you go into your imagination. You won't see the implications of your decisions creating problems for you and your family.

 You tend not to see the value of your insights, sometimes hiding them because you are afraid of not getting it right.

The type five personality will help us to become great observers and learners. This personality will remind us to use the knowledge of the world for the greater good.


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Type Six:  The Loyalist

If you identify with type six, safety for yourself and those you love is essential to you. You are terrific at discovering problems before they become serious. You see safety concerns before anyone else does.

You can see the goodness in other people and are good at getting everyone working together for the benefit of all.

You attuned to the people around you. You will go to great lengths to help people in distress.

What are you likely to notice? At your best, you are likely to see anything that is not safe from appliances shorting, food not being kept properly, unsanitary practices and more.

You are likely to notice the emotional state of those around you. You will be there for those you love.

Under stress, you are not good at noticing when your fears take control. When are afraid you see danger where there is no danger.

You have trouble with anything new whether that be an idea or a task you have never done. Instead of being open to trying something new you close down emotionally, physically and mentally because your security feels threatened.

The type six personality will help to make the world as safe as possible and find the courage to face all the injustices in the world.


Type Seven: The Enthusiast

If you identify with type seven, you bring energy, adventure, curiosity and the desire to enjoy every moment of life.

Your antennae are always looking out for new adventures, and you are still glad to have people join you.   You never miss an opportunity to have fun.

What are you likely to notice? You are likely to see adventures that most people wouldn’t never consider.  If there is something new to try, you can not resist the temptation. 

You can see opportunities for fun in everything you do whether that be at home, work, or a party.

Your passion for life is infectious. You see new opportunities everywhere you look. You are a can-do person. There is nothing you would not try at least once.

Under stress, you become hooked on the adrenaline that comes from taking the risk. You are not able to see how you are hurting yourself and those you love when you push yourself further and further into greater adventures. You do this to avoid the uncomfortable feelings in yourself.

The type seven personality will help us to enjoy every moment of life. The enthusiast will help us to stay curious about the world while learning from our pain.

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Type Eight: The Challenger

If you identify with the type eight, you bring presence, honesty, your ability to make things happen, endless energy, strength and compassion to help people pushed to the fringes of society.

You have a big sensitive heart. When you are healthy, you can connect with another person at a sincere heart to heart basis.

As a body type, you are sensitive to the wisdom of your body. You know things intuitively. You trust this knowingness that you can move forward on initiatives without any great preparation.  

You are sensitive to people’s needs around you. You are particularly aware of people unjustly treated.

You can spot a person not being honest with you.  You have no time for playing games with people who are trying to interfere in your life. Every moment of life is precious for you and you are not willing to waste time.

Under stress, you have no awareness of how your in-your-face confrontational behaviour intimidates the people around you. 

The type eight personality will remind us of the power of living fully in the moment and standing up with those who have been given a raw deal in life.


Type Nine: The Peacemaker

If you identify with type nine, you have the gift of understanding many points of view. Your gift of understanding gives you the ability to be a great mediator whether that be in your practice, criminal justice system, external affairs of government or the United Nations.

You are very aware when there is a conflict.  You can feel the moment you enter a space where there is a misunderstanding.

You are a very compassionate person because you can respect the different opinions of people.

What are you likely to notice? At your best, you are going to discern where there is conflict. You can feel it in your emotions. You can see it in the body language.  You can feel it in the sensations of your body.

At your best, you are comfortable being yourself.  You can stay calm during great difficulties.  

Under stress, you will start to lose connection with yourself. It will be easy to get in the unhealthy habit of trying to avoid conflict at any cost. It never works because eventually after a long period of not honouring your own needs you will release your frustrations through anger. You will go from one extreme to another.

The type nine personality has shown us a path to peace in all aspects of life.  It is shown us the importance of showing up day and day out no matter what the world throws at us.

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 Enneagram types impacts your ability to observe yourself and the world around you.

When you are healthy, you will have strengths in most Enneagram types.  You will be aware enough to avoid the pitfalls of each personality type.

At your best, you have your three energy centers working together. You have the wisdom that comes from a quiet mind, the sensations of your body, the kindness and openness that comes from your heart helping you to bring out the best in yourself and the people you love.

At your best you will have a close relationship with your inner wisdom and be able to see what is really going on around you.

Staying open and present is life long work. However, the fixations (blind spots) are never far off. A sudden period of stress can awaken them.  The more you can for yourself the easier it will be for you to stay grounded.

By learning how enneagram types impact what you observe you can open yourself to seeing more in the world.


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