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"I am grateful for the trans-formative work that I have experienced with Roland as my coach. His deep listening and active presence have guided me and given me courage as I have sought to make important changes in my life. Roland is a thoughtful, compassionate and deeply spiritual companion.”  Jan Krause--Spiritual Director

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Congratulations Roland on your coaching business! To anyone interested I highly recommend Roland, not only is he highly knowledgeable but he embodies empathetic listening with an open mind and heart!"  Karen Benson

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Roland Legge has helped me to become a better version of myself. Working with Roland in the past year has allowed me to better communicate with co-workers, family and friends and has helped me to better cope with the issues that I deal with in everyday life. I highly recommend Roland as a personal life coach as he is caring and has excellent knowledge of the Enneagram, the model which he works with. If you are looking to make a change in your life and don’t know how to go about it, Roland is the right person to talk to. Justine Lutz--Financial Adviser

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If you're looking for some insight into your individual self or perhaps you are into the personal development realm - reach out to Roland Legge! The Enneagram model along with his guidance is so interesting and fun you are surely to enjoy learning a little bit more about yourself in more depth! My first interaction with this model was prior to getting married and even my husband had something positive to say about it. His words: That was actually really interesting! I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family! Janice Croswell Independent Consultant Arbonne Humboldt Saskatchewan

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The team spent 6 hours over 2 sessions with Roland, learning about the Enneagram. Roland made the Enneagram discovery fun and applicable to the personal and professional lives of the staff, while we learned about ourselves and each other. It made us a closer and more communicative group. Thanks Roland!  Shelley Zoerb--Program Manager

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Let's face it, despite our best intentions, you can't always keep your business and personal life separate. Struggling with something at work? Maybe it's because of an old thinking pattern that's holding you back. Roland took me through a process which helped me learn so much more about who I am -- and how to deal with those blocks that are in my way of achieving ALL my life and business goals. Yes, this is an inward journey but Roland is there to guide, support and encourage you to discover who you really are. Those blocks move and you're on your path again to becoming the best version of yourself in both your business and personal life. Thanks Roland! :-)  Anita Toth The Queen of Customer Attraction™ 

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Attended a well informed, friendly workshop with Roland. Looking forward to more :-) Leighah Beadle-Darcy/Physis Arts and Therapies

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Roland has in-depth knowledge about the Enneagram that he uses to help men and women connect more deeply with themselves, as I discovered after working with him on the advice articles he writes for YourTango.com. His ability to offer sensible, straight-forward advice that can help readers access their personality type's strengths — and heal the unhealthy parts of themselves in the process — is truly a gift. Plus, he has a warm, uplifting and emphatic nature about him, which makes conversations productive, focused, and impactful. If you need support in working toward your goals, Roland can offer the encouraging nudge to help you get there. Maryn Liles - Senior Editor at Your Tango

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Roland is an incredibly kind, generous person who excels at helping people navigate difficult life transitions, create amazing relationships, and to get unstuck. He has the gift of being able to get to the heart of the matter in a compassionate way that helps his clients choose to move forward toward their goals. Karen Finn Personal Life Coaching Divorce Coaching SEO Ghostwriting

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