Working Together As A Team Leads To Successful Organizations

I work with team members individually and as a group.

I facilitate conversations that help you to work more closely with each other.  Coaching supports a culture where team members:

  • build trust in each other

  • support each other to complete tasks

  • Challenge each other to work in different ways

Is your organization open to change?  Are you ready to ask questions that create a healthy environment for innovation? Does your team feel like it is talking in different languages when you are trying to resolve a problem? Do you want to feel enthusiastic about the work you do and the people you work with? I invite you create a coaching agreement with me.

For further information schedule a free phone call with Roland Legge or email him through the contact page.




The team spent 6 hours over 2 sessions with Roland, learning about the Enneagram. Roland made the Enneagram discovery fun and applicable to the personal and professional lives of the staff, while we learned about ourselves and each other. It made us a closer and more communicative group. Thanks Roland! Shelley Zoerb--Program Manager SIGN Family Preservation Program, Yorkton