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Life Coaching For Individuals And Couples | Roland Legge

Roland Legge offers life coaching for individuals and couples who are ready to address their dissatisfaction by becoming more self-aware and making new choices.

Life Coaching For Individuals And Couples | Roland Legge

Life Coaching For Individuals And Couples | Roland Legge

Areas of Practice


Are you feeling unsatisfied with your life?  Does it feel like something is missing but you don't know what it is ?  Do you have a job that you do not enjoy but do not know how to get out of it into something life giving.  I can teach you to to become more self aware. I can assist you to become mindful of your habits which then gives you choice as to whether you want to continue these behaviors.  I  can point you to the places in your life where you tend to get stuck. The good news is that you have way more options in your life than you realize. I can encourage you to find your wisdom right within you simply by learning to pay attention to the wisdom of our bodies, emotions and mind. I use breath work to help you to get in touch with the wisdom from within you. I work with the belief that you are wise and beautiful person. I am not here to fix you because there is nothing wrong with you. I am here to help you get beyond the limits of your personality that hold you back simply because you are not aware that you have choice. 


Are you having troubles in your relationship? Do you feel like you are nagging your partner or they are nagging you? Couple's coaching helps each of you to recognize your own personality patterns and how these patterns are impacting your relationship. I give you  tools to better understand yourselves and each other. I help you to find your inner wisdom which helps you to bring out the best in each other. I encourage you to have compassion for each other and for yourselves. I help you to find what is true for you in each moment, no longer allowing the past or future to get in the way.

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