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Individuals, Couples and Professional Coaching

Are you looking for greater joy, purpose, and meaning in all of life? Whether it is for your personal or professional life, coaching can make a difference. Coaching can also help you to enhance your intimate relationship. Click for more information.


Coaching Teams in Organizations

If you are looking to improve communications, productivity, conflict resolution and well-being in your organization, consider coaching for your business.  Coaching makes a difference for-profit and non-profit. The bottom line is happy and healthy management and staff. Click for more information.



If you are looking to have more significant meaning in your life, consider a seminar on the Enneagram Personality Tool. The Enneagram is like a map showing you the way to excellent health and well-being. It is a tool to help you rise above old habits that are no longer supporting you and to discover news of being. New ways of being that enhance your life. Click for more information.

The good news is that you don’t need to be fixed! When we can accept ourselves as we are, our lives begin to be transformed.
— Roland Legge