Enneagram Personality Test Workshops Led By Roland Legge
  1. Introduction to the Enneagram: This workshop will introduce you to all nine personality types that make up the Enneagram and help you to name what type you may be. Learning about the Enneagram provides you with tools and insights to get beyond the limitations of your ego.

    This course helps you to begin to understand how your own behavior impacts your family, friends and  colleagues. The Enneagram shows you have choice in how you respond to the world. I hope this course will peak your curiosity about how you interact with the people in your life.

    Once we are willing to be honest with ourselves then we can begin to make changes that will bring more satisfaction in our lives. Workshops can be from 3 hours to 12 hours depending on the time you have available and how much in depth you want.

    To learn more about scheduling this workshop please email me at rolandlegge@relconsultants.com. 

  2. Delving Deeper into the Enneagram: This is a workshop for those who want to delve deeper into the teachings of the Enneagram personality system.  It is for people who are hungry to improve their lives.

    In this workshop, you will learn ways of using this teaching to liberate you (and others) from the limitations caused from being stuck in your personality. It gives you insights in how to better communicate with others. It also helps you learn to live in the moment, freeing yourself from anxiety of the past and the fear of the future.

    I create a safe space for you to risk going deeper into yourself. The hope is that you will come away feeling less judgmental of yourself and those you connect with in life. This is life changing work. You must have some knowledge of the Enneagram to take this course. 

    To learn more about scheduling this workshop please email me at rolandlegge@relconsultants.com.