Roland's Story 

Roland considers himself to be a complex human being--just like his clients. He continues to learn that we often only reveal small parts of who we are. Roland is continually learning to show more of his true-self and in doing so help the client to reveal they're true self.

Roland Legge is a lifelong learner. Wherever he has been involved in the life and work of the United Church, serving in congregations, various committees, and community organizations. These organizations focus on issues such as HIV/AIDS education and prevention, community development, the prevention of domestic violence, youth opportunities, and suicide prevention. 


In recent years he studied the personality modality called the Enneagram through the Enneagram Institute, one of the most respected Enneagram schools in the world.  It has been one of the most exciting times in his life. Roland Legge has learned much about himself and, even more importantly, he has learned to get beyond behaviors that no longer serve him.

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Roland Legge Education

DEEP COACHING INSTITUTE     2017 Certificate Coaching 

ENNEAGRAM INSTITUTE             2012 - 2017  

UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO         1987 - 1991 BA                                

Activities & Affiliation:

• Member of the International Coaching Federation

• Member of the International Enneagram Association and member of the Saskatchewan Chapter

When any of us get attached to being a certain way, then we cut off from the rest of what is possible in life.
— Roxanne-Howe-Murphy. EdD